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You sure are the master of strange songs man.

You succeded in making a kind of "creepy" or dark rather ambiance in this.
it moves slowly along to a lighter and more peacefull ambiance but there are some interessting surprices on the way trought the song.

i really liked what you did at 04:30, dont know what the hell it was you used but it sounded so calm and peacefull.

Also listning trought this song somehow makes me reminisce about chrono trigger, you often succed in making me think of games trought your songs man.

I cant complain about anything in this, just perfect man!

Zombiffix responds:

lol 'trought'? I think you mean 'throughout' haha

4:30 - In some of my songs I'll take the same track and use it twice but change one to sound a little different. Then I'll fade out the first track and fade in the second track and they blend together.

I played A LOT of video games as a kid so it's only natural my songs would sound somewhat like that.

Thanks for reviewing!

Not my peice of cake..

Nice melody and it comes with a strange backround ambiance..
About the... "rapping" i did not enjoy it at all becouse of the constant other noises going on during his "rapping"

The lyrics.. well.. pretty damn hilarious really, nothing would bother me unless there wasn't so much other stuff interffering with his "rapping"

Good work there but as said, this is not my kind of music really but still, keep it up man!


This is probobly the weirdest audio i have ever heard on here..in a good way.

It slowly and nicely builds up but then bass seems kinda out of place sometimes, especially when it sounds more than the actual lead or what ever i can reffer to it
Kinda repetive also but you dont get tired of it as you normally would.

Still nice and relaxing song, good work!

Zombiffix responds:

Weirdest or uniquest? :P I'm always trying to make different melodies that are outside of the norm.


It has real nice tunes, it should have some vocals to fill it up atleast :D

Also what the fudge happend to your other music?

Zombiffix responds:

I deleted it all, but I couldn't delete this one cause someone used it in a flash. Trust me I have over 15 new unheard songs and it's still growing, but I'm planning on making a CD out of them

What the hell is this?

Seriously man i had a really hard time listening to this...."MUSIC" of yours, next time put some effort in and dont pretend to be high.
It just makes ju look (more) retarded.


It was certanly an interesting beat to it. i would assume its a loop but it dont directly sound like one, the beginning and end has some differences making it abit choppy when being replayed.
Overall it was really good, hope to hear more loops like this one.
7/10 and 4/5

Grinberg responds:

I want to make this a song. Thanks for the review and rating!


Its truly awesome, im not really sure what to say. its just perfect.

Xenogenocide responds:

glad you liked it


It was nice and smooth, :D

mjattie responds:

thanks Figter

Fully ok

Didn't love it ,didn't hate it.


Makes no f****** sence but still entertaining ^^

Organic-Cucumber responds:

In a world that makes no sense, only a madman is truly sane.

But yeah this is ducking futs. Beautiful isn't it?


My room looks like shit.. Soo...you're reading my proflie ey? Good luck with that :3

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