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It was a pretty decent flash, the voice acting was also pretty decent and the story...well random and had some funny moments like the chacaron robot.
there isnt really annything remarkable about it but its still worth a place in the portal.


Smoot animation, good voice acting, good audio and pretty good writing.
Only thing that botherd me was the cartoon animated part that didn't really add anything to the story, also the fact you didn't credit any song in the file information.

HadoukenDude responds:

The cartoon animated part was included to satisfy the animation "purists" that constantly complain about sprite movies. That and I wanted to get the Naruto stuff off my chest.

Most of the music I used was credited in the end of the episode. The remainder of the Zelda music is from Zreomusic.com

I love your stuff

And how you live into your roll as Gold, this might not be the best place for this kind of stuff but its still fun to see some other kind of flash than the regular flash i normally see

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Certanly unique

The consept and the whole game idea is entertaining and amusing.

The music in game did get on my nerves and was extremly anoying, to be honest the maingame song didn't suit that kind of game but the menu song made a great buildup for the game.

The graphics on the other hand was smooth and nicely made, but what bothered me was that it said World defense on the planet itself, like we need to be
reminded of what we are playing.

Nevertheless this was an interesting and fun game to play.


It has zero gameplay really exepot that you can move him around, but somehow the tune and that damn cat makes it inresistable to keep watching..

Surpricingly fun

This being one of the first flash games i ever came across on NG gives me such a dose of nostalgia from my first days here.

Despite how simple the game is made its strangely addictive tons of fun to play!
the only thing that could be improved is the graphics but it still stands good 5 years later.

Good work.

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You sure are the master of strange songs man.

You succeded in making a kind of "creepy" or dark rather ambiance in this.
it moves slowly along to a lighter and more peacefull ambiance but there are some interessting surprices on the way trought the song.

i really liked what you did at 04:30, dont know what the hell it was you used but it sounded so calm and peacefull.

Also listning trought this song somehow makes me reminisce about chrono trigger, you often succed in making me think of games trought your songs man.

I cant complain about anything in this, just perfect man!

Zombiffix responds:

lol 'trought'? I think you mean 'throughout' haha

4:30 - In some of my songs I'll take the same track and use it twice but change one to sound a little different. Then I'll fade out the first track and fade in the second track and they blend together.

I played A LOT of video games as a kid so it's only natural my songs would sound somewhat like that.

Thanks for reviewing!

Not my peice of cake..

Nice melody and it comes with a strange backround ambiance..
About the... "rapping" i did not enjoy it at all becouse of the constant other noises going on during his "rapping"

The lyrics.. well.. pretty damn hilarious really, nothing would bother me unless there wasn't so much other stuff interffering with his "rapping"

Good work there but as said, this is not my kind of music really but still, keep it up man!


This is probobly the weirdest audio i have ever heard on here..in a good way.

It slowly and nicely builds up but then bass seems kinda out of place sometimes, especially when it sounds more than the actual lead or what ever i can reffer to it
Kinda repetive also but you dont get tired of it as you normally would.

Still nice and relaxing song, good work!

Zombiffix responds:

Weirdest or uniquest? :P I'm always trying to make different melodies that are outside of the norm.

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Full of life and i love how sketchy it looks :3 make more!

Jonny responds:

:3! <3


That is awesome work dude, fav'd

Rhunyc responds:


Thanks for the kind words, and fav! :D

Awesome :D

It looks like the original

My room looks like shit.. Soo...you're reading my proflie ey? Good luck with that :3

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